20 Tips & Tricks of Preparing Your Home for a Showing

September 26, 2016|  Article By : 

  1. Remove everything from the kitchen counter but a bowl with fruit in it and a coffee maker.  This will make your kitchen look larger.
  2. Clear off the bathroom vanity. Hand-soap is the only item needed
  3. Remove everything from coffee-tables and end-tables but a couple of books or house magazines.
  4. Remove everything from the kitchen table and kitchen island displaying only flowers or seasonal arrangement.
  5. Remove excess furniture that can restrict the flow of moving through a room.
  6. Smaller beds make bigger bedrooms. Switch out a Queen for a Twin or a King for a Double.
  7. Clean your entrance doorways and your windows.  Make sure the thresholds of your doorways are wiped down.  Homeowners that look after these kinds of details are usually assumed to be good stewards of the property.
  8. Don’t spray Febreeze moments before a showing.  It may have the Buyers questioning why.
  9. Air out your home by opening windows, but close the windows before the showing if you live in a busy area for a quieter setting.
  10. Remove the dog’s bed and make sure the cat litter box is fresh.
  11. Don’t leave your pets roaming around the house.  Many people are uneasy about dogs and cats and its best if they’re “out of sight, out of mind”.
  12. Don’t cook inherently smelly foods while the home on the market.  Spicy foods and fish smells can linger for a day or more.
  13. Fresh linens on the beds twice a week can help eliminate common bedroom odours.
  14. If you have a dehumidifier in your basement keep it running during he Spring, Summer and Fall.  If its noisy turn if off prior for the showing.  Use absorbing odour filters to help keep the basement and other areas in the home fresh.
  15. Organize your closets and storage areas. When your things are disorganized it gives the impression the home is not big enough.
  16. If you smoke, don’t do it indoors while the house is on the market. Or just quit smoking…
  17. Tidy up the yard.   If you have to leave out equipment like; wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, snowblowers, bikes etc. , Keep them all in one area, in an orderly fashion.
  18. Open your drapes and blinds; you want the home as bright as possible.
  19. Have relaxing, instrumental music playing in the background.  If you have a TV in a number of areas in the house with a cable or satellite music channel, put that same channel on each TV.
  20. Turn on all your inside lights. Outside lights also need to be on after dusk.


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