Creating curb appeal to sell your home

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First impressions are a huge part of selling your home. It’s therefore very important to create curb appeal so that buyers stop the car to take a tour inside and not continue to drive on by. That doesn't mean you have to invest in expensive professional landscaping services. It can be done by making some simple upgrades, repairs and adding a touch of colour to your front yard.

A good place to start is to look at any repairs that need to be made. Is your roof in good shape? If there are shingles peeling or missing it can make your home look unattractive and make buyers wonder about any water damage. While a roof can be expensive to replace it could make the difference in the sale of the home or having to mark the price down.

Other repairs to consider are shutters or garage doors that have peeling paint and damage to them. You can try sanding them down and painting them or replace them altogether. You should also paint and fix window trim for a fresh look.

If your outdoor lights are older they may be rusted, dirty or misaligned. You can easily and inexpensively replace these for a more updated look. You might want to also look at changing that brass house number plate too that's rusted or gotten spotty over time. These may seem like minor details but they can truly make a difference.

Most importantly, make sure your yard is always looking its best. Cut the grass and trim shrubs and plants regularly. Plant some colourful flowers and add hanging baskets or containers by the entranceway to welcome visitors. In the winter, beautiful outdoor evergreen arrangements and a wreath on the door are a nice touch.

All your hard work won't go to waste when potential buyers start pulling into your driveway.

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