Kitchen and Bath renos that will help sell your home

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imageBathrooms and kitchens can make or break the sale of a home. If you plan to put your property on the market, making renovations to these rooms can improve your chances of a quicker sale and getting your asking price.

Full kitchen and bathroom renovations by a professional can be expensive but if you have the money they can increase the value of your home dramatically. If you don't want to go the professional route there are many upgrades and updates you can do yourself on a much smaller budget.

New flooring throughout whether it's carpet, tile, laminate or hardwood can improve the appearance of your home tremendously. If you've got old vinyl flooring or cracked tiles in the kitchen or bathroom be sure to replace it. Carpet in the bathroom should definitely be removed as it can harbour mould and bacteria.

For an easy update on your cupboards, you can paint them and change the hardware. It's amazing what changing a few details such as knobs and handles can do. If the doors are a traditional size you can replace them with new ones available at many hardware stores for a whole new look.

Old worn out counters can be inexpensively replaced with new laminate tops that look like quartz and granite or go for the real thing. Buyers love the luxury of the natural materials. If your bathroom is 15 plus years old, the vanity is likely low to today stantards, add a vessel sink (sits on top of the counter, instead of inside), with a contemporary faucets.  Doing this will give the feel of a up to date height for the counter top without replacing the vanity.  A lot of bathroom cabinets now come with granite countertops and won't break your budget.

Get rid of leaky or old faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms and add shiny new modern ones. Old bathtubs can be painted over with a special finish and toilets can be replaced without spending a lot of money. You'll even help the new owner save on their water bill by putting in newer more efficient toilets.

Lastly, add a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour and get ready to sell.

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